Kingdom gift, fan letter and support application guide (231126 ver)

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Hello, this is GF Entertainment.
Fan Letters and Gifts to Kingdom, Support God
Your attention, please.Email address and support progress details
This has been corrected; details the announcement.Please request after checking it.-November 26, 2023 11:00 AMMail sent to the old support mail ( will be answered by the old support mail, and after that, the new support mail ( ), so please confirm and apply. (After November 30, 23, the old support mail will be gone, so please send me the changed mail.Ever since the e-mail went missing,

November 26, 2023 11:00 AM

Please send us the changed email that you have been continuously contacting before.)
[Address to send fan letters and gifts]
Dokmak-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

281 Korean Building Annex 4th Floor

GF Entertainment, Kingdom OOO (member name)
[Postal Code 04151]
[How to apply for support]

1.Mail subject form

The Qur'an is a reminder of the Qur'an, the Qur'an and the Qur'an.

Member/Support applicant's name or

group name
Yes) [Kingdom] Support Application 20.00.00 (Dan Birthday) / Jung Seung Bo / Kingdom Dan Fan Page (@ @)
If support progression is possible: music
Broadcast, fan signing, showcase, fan meeting, concert
2.Mail form
[Support Form]
- Group name (homepage name. Personal work

City blank):

- Name of the member to be supported:
- Representative name:

- Representative Contact:

- The date and time of the support you wish to receive:
⁇ Support available time can be consulted in advance depending on the type of support.
- Support items and quantities (specifically written):
In case of direct delivery, the time available for delivery can be discussed in advance.
3. Send an email requesting support
- Application email address:
(Please contact us via e-mail or email.)
[Request for support]
1. Fan letters can be delivered without prior application, and please fill in the recipient (name of member) and send it. (Not delivered if the recipient is not listed)
- I can not deliver it directly to the member, so please send it to the fan club representative.
2. Please consider the gift as a support and send it to us after applying in advance.
- It is not possible to receive EMS with payment, quick service, and customs fee, and it will be disposed of.
- Discarded when caught after delivery in a closed schedule (gifts, supports, letters, etc.)
- It can not be delivered directly to the artist, so please use mail or courier service.
3. If it is a quick or same-day delivery, please send it after applying in advance, and support that has not been discussed in advance will be returned.
4 members live.
If it's a daily support, please fill out the entire product in detail and apply in advance.
5, Birthday support is applied until 3 days before the member's birthday and can not be delivered on the same day.
6, visit support is only available if you have to deliver it directly, and if you can deliver it by courier, please deliver it by courier.
7, support and fan letters delivered through managers, station officials, and aides who are not in charge are not possible, and all support applications will not be accepted or discarded upon detection.
8, in the case of electronic device support, please apply and coordinate in advance through the person in charge before the support proceeds.


9, if there are a number of support applications on the same schedule, only one case that you sent as a priority will be accepted.
(Please note that it may be added if it is a long-term schedule, and support may not be possible depending on the schedule and broadcasting situation.)

10, food that is likely to deteriorate (including drinks, cakes, and sugar cakes), flowers (flowers, bouquets, flowerpots, wreaths, etc.) can not be delivered.
(In case of future problems, the food will only be supported by the vendor.)


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