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This is GF Entertainment.
We sincerely thank all fans who support BANG Yedam,
and we would like to inform you about the methods for sending letters & support.
서울 마포구 독막로 281 한국빌딩 별관 4층 GF엔터테인먼트_방예담 (우편번호 04151)
[English Address]
(Bang YE dam)
GF Entertainment 4F 281, Dongmak-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
[Mail and Parcel Delivery]
- Regular mail and parcel delivery are always welcome without prior application. Please make sure to write the recipient's name (Bang Yedam) clearly on the package.
(If the recipient's name is not mentioned, the delivery cannot be made.)
- We do not accept cash on delivery, quick service, or EMS deliveries that incur customs fees, and such items will be discarded.
- Please be advised that we do not respond to inquiries regarding the receipt of mail and parcels.
[Where Support is Possible]
Support is possible for officially announced schedules, birthdays, anniversaries, and fan sign events (only beverages are permitted)
(Please note that support may not be feasible depending on the on-site situation.)
[Where Support is Not Possible]
- Support is not possible at dormitories, practice rooms, hair and makeup shops, private schedules, events (including local festivals and festivals), press agencies, etc.
[Support Application Information]
Support request email:
* Only items that have been agreed upon and applied for using the specified format to the provided email address can be delivered
[Application Format]
Title: Date, Name of Support Request
Mail Contents:
1. Group Name or Applicant's Name
2. Representative's Name & Contact: If applying as a group, please include the representative's name.
3. Desired Date, Time & Location: The timing of support can be adjusted based on the type of support
4. Support Items & Quantity: Please specify in detail.
5. Support Company Name & Contact: This is mandatory for food support
6. Delivery Method: Quick Service/Visit/Others
[Important Notices]
- Please be aware that direct delivery to the artist is not possible; use postal and courier services instead.

- For visit support, please apply at least 3 days in advance. Same-day applications are not accepted.
  (Applications up to 1 month in advance are acceptable.)
- Unarranged visits, support through on-site staff, or other channels will result in the support being discarded and future support from the same team will not be possible.
- If you wish to use quick service for delivery, please consult with us in advance. Quick service deliveries without prior consultation will be returned based on the information registered with the company.
- For large or deliverable gifts, we recommend sending them via postal delivery.
- At fan sign events, only letters and message books can be delivered. Other gifts will be returned after the event.
- Items that can be converted to cash, such as cash, gift vouchers, coupons, gifticons, gift cards, or items for product exchange, are not accepted and will be returned or disposed of without prior notice.
- For support involving electronic devices, please apply and pre-coordinate with the responsible person before the support begins.
- Failure to comply with the application format may result in difficulty in proceeding, so please ensure to fill out the form correctly.
- For the same schedule, only one support request submitted as a priority will be acknowledged.
  (For long-term schedules, additional requests may be considered, but please note that support might not be possible depending on the schedule and on-site broadcasting conditions.)
- A group or individual cannot continuously provide support on consecutive dates, and may be excluded even if they apply first.
- Perishable food items (including cakes and sugar cakes) and floral products (such as flowers, bouquets, potted plants, wreaths) are not accepted for delivery.
  (To avoid problems, only food support from certified companies will be conducted.)
- Supported items will not be returned. (For meal support, please use disposable containers.)
- Receipt of support in the form of authentication photos & autographs is not possible.
-Support and events related to official performance events will be announced separately, and speculative applications before the official schedule announcement will not be acknowledged.
- Support targeting agency staff or broadcasting station employees is not possible.
- This notice applies equally to overseas activities.
We appreciate the cooperation of all fans.
Thank you.


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